Collecting Political Memorabilia – Mark Sikorski, DO

Hi, I’m Dr. Mark Sikorski. I’m a board-certified family physician in Macomb Township, Michigan. And I’m going to talk to you about one of my hobbies, and one that might be of interest to you or something your kids might want to get involved with. And this the collection of political memorabilia, which are buttons, posters, letters.

The fun part about it is it’s Americana. It’s our history. Now I got started as a very young man being dragged to antique shops and meets with my parents. And they had to get The kid interested in something. And for whatever reason, I enjoy the buttons and again, I’ve been collecting them since my teen years and I think my collection now expands thousands of buttons.

But one of my specialties is Ronald Reagan. President Reagan’s certainly someone I admired And I have him as my area of interest and probably one of the foremost collectors in the United States right now. Now in 1980, Governor Reagan then elected president in Detroit and I had a chance to go to that convention representing the youth delegation of the Republican party.

And it gave me an awesome opportunity to collect some very interesting and unique buttons. But Reagan’s career extended well before that. He was first president of the Screen Actors Guild, and then later was elected governor of the state of California. This is a particular letter that Governor Reagan wrote to one of his constituents.

And it’s certainly something I’m very proud to have in my collection. Now the buttons can expand different presidential candidates and also different causes. One of our causes, I have a button talking about Obamacare. And it’s certainly something that’s gonna be a hot topic with our new A president coming into office and our legislators working to not just to repeal the Affordable Care Act but to replace it with something that makes more sense.

So I’m very interested to see what will happen with that. Now if you or you kids may be interested in collecting and making a hobby out of political americana. We have a group called the American Political Items Collectors, and we can send you that link. It’s a wonderful hobby, something that you’ll love and cherish.

The kids can start out by going to campaign offices and getting a button or trading with another collector or buying them at a show or auction whatnot, And the collection will grow. And what they collect today will be just that much more special to their children and their grandkids down the road.

You have a great day. Thank you.

Mark Sikorski, DO